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Benefits & Features of StyleDriftScorecard.com

Here are the Main Benefits:

Avoid Lawsuits:

If you do not account for "style drift" in your mutual fund selection, anyone can prove that you did not follow the investment policy statement that you set up for your client. In fact a number of attorneys are using this type of analysis to sue investment advisors. If you recommend mutual funds, you need to subscribe now and start analyzing the funds you are recommending.

Sell Against Your Competitors:

If you want to win business from other financial advisors, meet with potential clients offer to do a "free analysis" of their existing portfolio. Using StyleDriftScorecard.com, you would enter their funds and analyze the style drift. You then meet with the potential client and discuss the results with them. If their advisor is not checking for style drift, then you will be able to criticize his implementation of their asset allocation. You can then win their business by pointing out how your portfolios reduce risk and improve overall portfolio performance by avoiding the mis-classification of funds the way your competitor is doing.

Reduce Portfolio Risk:

If you design portfolios without checking for the style drift of the underlying mutual funds, then you will inevitably add funds that are "riskier" than the asset class you are assigning it to in the allocation. If you do this for a number of funds in the portfolio, then the allocations you have set up will not be properly implemented. Conversely, if you design your portfolios with the appropriate "style drift" information from StyleDriftScorecard.com, then you will reduce or eliminate the extra risk associated with using mis-classified mutual funds.

Improve Portfolio Performance:

The whole point of your asset allocation is to be properly diversified so that your overall performance is maximized for the client's allocation. If your mutual funds are mis-classified and added into the portfolio for the wrong class, then your implementation will deviate from the anticipated classess. In addition, if you add funds that are riskier than you anticipated, the client may suffer more losses during downturns.

It's Easy-to-Use:

Thi software is not like the complicated bloatware that is all over the investment analysis world. You just login, select the fund family, and the fund name, and then see the best fit indexes for the selected period. You can then generate a pdf report with one click. For the portfolio analysis, you do have to enter the symbols and values but it takes one click to analyze it, and one click to generate the printable pdf report.

Save Time:

Are you tired of dealing with traditional software programs? yes you have to be trained. Yes you have to download and install. Not once but everytime there is an "update". Are you sick of downloading "data updates"? With StyleDriftScorecard.com you don't have to do any of that. All you have to do is login and use it. No maintenance required! This will save you HOURS OF TIME every year.

Lower Cost:

From our market research, we have found one subscription from a large financial software company that costs up to $16,000 for one year of access. That system includes performance reporting, asset allocation and a number of other functionalities including some style drift analysis data. We have found another company that charges up to $8,000 for a style drift analysis tool as well as other bundled data and services like printing reports. Based on this research, our system offers good value for what we are charging.

No Install Required:

This is not a Windows installed program. It is 100% web-based. All you need is a browser and internet access. This means you don't need a "tech guy" to install or maintain or update your program for you.

No Downloads Needed:

Many investment programs require you to download and install updates and data on a regular basis. Ours is all updated on the web server and no work on your part is required!

Data Updated Monthly:

We keep the underlying data up-to-date for you. Each month we update the performance data and rerun our analytics all on the web server. You don't have to update anything. We keep it up-to-date for you!

Web-Based Software:

This is not a Windows installed program. It is 100% web-based. All you need is a browser and internet access. This means you don't need a "tech guy" to install or maintain or update your program for you. This is less hassle, less work, and less headache for you.




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Main Benefits:

Avoid Lawsuits

Reduce Portfolio Risk

Improve Performance

It's Easy-to-Use

Save Time

Lower Cost

No Install Required

No Downloads Needed

Data Updated Monthly

Web-Based Software