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Articles related to Returns-Based Style Analysis, Style Drift, and Portfolio Analysis:

Style Drift Definition and Explanation - Investopedia®

Drifting Styles Article - Registered Rep

"As a result of style drift, the client's portfolio suffers. Allocations change, performance can slip, and risk can rise. "

Beware of Style Drift in Mutual Funds - The Oblivious Investor

"...your asset allocation will end up being something other than what you’d intended. "

Style Drift: "Hail Mary" Investing - Article By Wade W. Slome, CFA, CFP on FinLife.com

"Style drift can potentially create big problems in your portfolio. Misaligned incentives and conflicts of interest may lead to unwanted and hidden risk factors in your portfolio. Do yourself a favor and make sure the quarterback of your funds is not throwing “Hail Mary” passes." This article gives an overview of why funds drift, what to look for and then what investors can do about it. It basically makes a good case as to why advisors should be using the StyleDriftScorecard website.

Return-Based Style Analysis: an answer to the difficulties of implementing Holding-Based Style Analysis - Article from EDHEC-RISK by Véronique Le Sourd

"Return-based style analysis draws from Sharpe’s style analysis model, which stipulates that a manager’s investment style can be determined by comparing the returns on his portfolio with those of a certain number of selected indices. The oft-quoted words of Sharpe to justify his methodology are: “If it acts like a duck, assume it’s a duck."

Style Consistency’s Effect On Fund Returns - Article Financial Advisor Magazine

"Mutual funds that remained faithful to their stated investment style, the authors discovered, enjoyed better returns than those that disregarded their style mandate. Consequently, chances are greater that a large-cap growth fund that remains within its style box will perform better than a large-cap growth fund that wanders into, say, the mid-cap growth or large-cap value territory."

Explanation of Investment Style and Style Drift - Index Funds Advisors

"Style drift creates numerous problems for active investors. It keeps them from maintaining reliable asset class allocations for their portfolios. This results in inconsistent exposure to risk and the resulting variations in expected average returns."

Setting the Record Straight on Style Analysis - Interview with Bill Sharpe

"... style analysis generally, and returns-based style analysis (the technique Sharpe uses), specifically, is a very powerful and useful tool. "




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